Dworkin, Master of the Line, hails from House of Barimen in the Courts of Chaos. In and undisclosed time period prior to the main story Dworkin obtained the Left Eye of the Serpent through methods unknown, Dworkin fled into Shadow and met the Unicorn. With her help and using the Eye, he inscribed the Primal Pattern giving form to Amber. Oberon, first king of Amber, is reportedly the offspring of Dworkin and the Unicorn

Throughout countless ages, Dworkin stayed in Amber as an advisor and teacher of the powers of Trumps, with frequent absences to places unknown. His students include Oberon's children Bleys, Brand and Fiona. When the Pattern was disrupted, Dworkin went mad and was imprisoned by Oberon. At least, that was the intent; Dworkin proved quite capable of leaving his prison. During Corwin's imprisonment in the Amber dungeons, Dworkin helped Corwin escape using a Trump of Cabra Lighthouse he drew on the dungeon wall.