Jewel of Judgement

An artists depiction of the Jewel of Judgement

The Jewel of Judgement is highly powerful artifact used by Dworkin to inscribe the Primal Pattern that created Amber and brought forth order from Chaos. The Jewel of Judgement was in fact the Eye of the Serpent, of the Courts of Chaos, stolen by The Unicorn in ages past.


The Jewel resembled a ruby pendant in a simple gold setting, hanging from a heavy chain.Those attuned to the Jewel have reported perceiving an image of the Pattern visible within after careful study: first, one notices a small break or flaw within, and further contemplation reveals the flaw as the beginning of the Pattern, after which the seeker can attempt to traverse its interior design in much the same manner as a child of Amber would walk the Pattern in the castle catacombs.


  • Environmental or Weather Control: King Eric used the Jewel to slow an invading army by summoning fierce storms, Brand and Random both used the Jewel to generate precision strikes of lightning, and Corwin summoned a small tornado.
  • Enhanced Perception: Corwin reported a vague sensation of possessing an "extra sense" upon initiation to the Jewel, upon which Fiona elaborated, describing the sense as an example of the Pattern's pervasiveness in all that gives the Amberites power. Ghostwheel reported the ability to move his awareness to the Jewel from a distance.
  • Distorted Sense of Time: With prolonged proximity to the Jewel, the initiate increasingly perceives the world around them slowing down even as they demonstrate supernatural speed.
  • Automatic Teleportation: The Jewel attempts to preserve the life of its master, and has the power to find a place of safety from the initiate's memories and teleport the endangered initiate to that location in times of danger.
  • Energy Boost: The Jewel has the ability to give its wearer a second wind or extra burst of energy, combating the effects of fatigue.
  • Molecular Control: By an expression of will, the Jewel's wielder can affect the movement of others nearby, even at the molecular level. Brand used this ability to good effect, slowing the master warrior Benedict to immobility at a range of ten feet, while Corwin creatively turned the same ability on Brand and accelerated the molecules of his brother's body to create heat.