The Logrus

An artists depiction of the Logrus of Chaos.

The Logrus
is the embodiment of chaos, also sentient and capable of manifesting as a giant serpent, and of creating semi-solid projections similar to pattern-ghosts. It claims that the Jewel of Judgement was its eye, stolen by the Unicorn; it appears to desire to return all existence to the primal chaos from which it came.

Location & AppearanceEdit

In the Courts of Chaos exists the Logrus, a three dimensional construct that is the opposite number to the Pattern of Amber. Where the unchanging, rigid Pattern represents Order, the Logrus is constantly altering its shape and represents the principle of Chaos. The Logrus appears as a tentacular force that must be navigated on a magical/mental level. Those who navigate this construct successfully gain power over, and the ability to travel through, Shadow. An additional power gained from the successful navigation of the Logrus is the ability to "pull" desired, non-specific objects out of Shadow worlds.


Negotiating with the Logrus is extremely difficult and potentially fatal. Prospective initiates of the Logrus generally receive advanced training, but success is dependent less on knowledge than on will. In addition to the danger of dying, some who have attempted the Logrus have experienced permanent cerebral damage, though this fate tends to happen only to those who are weak willed or not of full chaosian blood. Luckily those of chaosian blood usually only end up being insane for a short period of time. Negotiating both the Logrus and the Pattern, as Merlin has, is a uniquely daring feat.

Just as Dworkin is keeper of the Pattern, Suhuy is the keeper of the Logrus and is a member of the noble houses of Chaos.

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