Trumps of Doom

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Trumps of Doom is the first book in the second Chronicles of Amber series by Roger Zelazny; and the sixth book overall. Whereas the first series was narrated by Corwin, this series is narrated by his son, Merlin.

Plot SummaryEdit

In an effort to understand his father Corwin better, Merlin has spent the last several years on the shadow Earth learning computer science while attending Berkley. During this time Merlin built a trump and Pattern based computer, called Ghostwheel, in a far off Shadow. Having completed his project, he wishes to know who has been trying to kill him every April 30 before he leaves. He meets with his friend Lucas Reynard (Luke), a salesman and longtime friend, who tries to convince him to stay. Luke mentions he has recently seen Julia, Merlin's ex-girlfriend, and gives Merlin a mysterious letter. Merlin investigates and finds Julia slain by creatures from another shadow.

Merlin investigates through shadow, and is given orders by king Random to shut down Ghostwheel. However, Ghostwheel has become sentient and capable of defending itself. Eventually, Luke - who, it turns out, is Brand's son - imprisons Merlin in a blue crystal cave so he can attempt to take control of Ghostwheel for himself. master of shadow 01:31, August 6, 2010 (UTC)