Ty'iga are a bodiless race of demons that dwell in the blackness beyond the Rim. The Ty'iga are able to inhabit human hosts and are able to traverse through shadow. One has been following Merlin since his arrival on shadow Earth and has taken many forms. At one time posing as Gail, girlfriend to Luke. Other appearances include Dan Martinez, Vinta Bayle and Nayda. Mandor states that they are very powerful and difficult to control and the Ty'iga in this story is sent to protect Merlin by his mother Dara. The spell placed on the Ty'iga prevented the demon from letting Merlin know who sent it. However, this directive was over ridden when the demon saw the Eye of the Serpent and the demon attempted to steal the jewel but was stopped by Ghostwheel. The Ty'iga was unable the vacate the body of Nayda because the spirit has already left the body.